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Primary kids performing a wonderfull poem
Kampala One Stop Construction Begins
Starting with site visits in November 2008, the City Council of Kampala has contracted a builder to begin work on the planned One Stop Youth Centre's permanent building.

The first phase of the new building will be completed in 2009, and further expansions are planned in future years. Electricity and water fittings for the first phase have been started at the site, a sanitation unit is in place, and there is building excitement and anticipation amongst the One Stop partners and the city's youth.
Kampala One Stop Youth Centre
Welcome to Kampala One Stop Youth Centre (KOSYC), One of the Four Pilot youth centers established by the United Nations Human Settlement Programme under the Global Partnership Initiative on Urban Youth Development. Kampala One Stop Youth Centre is located in Kabalagala neighborhood on Kampala Youth Land.

KOSYC is indeed a unique centre. It is hosted by Kampala City Council (KCC) the local government authority governing the capital city of Kampala. It is located on Kampala Youth Land. It is in the neigbour of Kampala City, just close one Kampala International University. It is youth and user friendly. Above all, it is housed in a mobile beatiful container, painted in yellow and green.

The purpose of the initiative is to mobilize and harness the abundant resources of Africa’s youth towards improving the quality of life in cities and towns.

The One Stop Youth Centre Kampala project has eight (8) thematic objectives. These objectives are a reflection of the needs of youth which were identified during the scooping mission exercises
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