Dar es Salaam One Stop Youth Resource Centre
Karibu to Dar es Salaam One Stop Centre
Dar es Salaam One Stop Centre is a UN-HABITAT initiative under Global Partnership Initiative (GPI) and was launched in 2004 during the World Urban Forum II in Barcelona, Spain. The GPI concept was developed to focus on four youth development areas: Employment and capacity building, crime prevention, Urban Governance and Regional Networking.

This is a place where service seekers meet and interact with service providers. The programme concentrates on carrying out needs assessment from the ground as well as gathering, condensation and dissemination of information to young people in Dar es Salaam. OSYC is an initiative set up by UN-HABITAT in January 2007 with collaboration by four Local Government Authorities of Dar es Salaam and the Ministry responsible for Youth Affairs to serve as a catalyst for implementation of the Dar es Salaam Youth Councilís Strategic Plan, as well as other relevant youth-led development initiatives in the city.

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